Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Daily Source code

Bloody hell, we've turned up in Adam Currys Podcast, he played our Rhinestone Cowboy Boot
In case you dont know he used to be a MTV VJ and is regarded by some as the father of podcasting.
tune in (if thats what you do )

about 4 mins in, he gives us a shout and after playing the tune, advises us to get a commercial release as its a sure fire hit or something.
Thanks to Mashuptown for passing it on, (incidentally we are no 2 in their mashup chart)
a nice site with loads of mashup news etc

Even stranger is the fact that it turns out Josh Console (aka Cry.On.My.Console) the glitch king likes it and plays it out.
so go get yourself some nice Glitch!-Go on off you go Ive finished now.


Blogger Aggro1 said...

Congrats, fellas!

Adam's spun about 5 of me tunes so far, and it always gives me a tickle to hear him say "Aggro1"...especially since watching him back in the day on MTV when it was an infant. I think he has a listenership of 200,000+...so good on ya's.


11:35 AM  

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